Banking & Accounts

Restaurant Maid makes it easier to summarize and control your accounting. No matter what type of business you are in, you need to have total overview on your accounting. That is why Restaurant Maid comes equipped with comprehensive financial accounting. You can successfully manage multiple bank accounts and make bank deposits, bank transfers or bank reconciliations. You need to be in charge of your accounts, and we are just trying to make this task easier.

Customer Accounts - Customer Tabs

With Restaurant Maid, you can manage your customers in many ways. To add even more depth to customer management, we have added the option to create Customer Accounts - more commonly known as "Customer Tabs". While managing your own bank accounts, you can keep an eye on your customers' debt accounts (or tabs) as well. 

Learn about Inventory Management

Total Control Over Your Inventory

Restaurant Maid provides you with complete control over your Inventory. One of the first and basic options is the option to "Track" or "Do Not Track" the quantity of a certain item. You can also use the Low Stock Alert on any items and on any quantity that you specify. This will remind you if you are running low on certain items. To make it easier Restaurant Maid has the option of Quantity Tracking in decimals, for measurements in sales by weight and length. Also should you wish to track your goods in multiple warehouses/locations, you can easily do that as well.

Easily Fill-in Your Items

Filling the Inventory can sometimes be a hard process, especially if you have lots of items in your store. That's why with Restaurant Maid we have tried to make this task as painless as possible. Thus, our software provides you with 2 ways to filling Inventory: One-by-One or through a Grid/Table using Excel. Also you can easily import your inventory from different programs you may have had previously, again by using Excel tables. You can also easily export inventory into Excel.

Inventory Search & Control

With Restaurant Maid you can easily navigate through your inventory and find a specific item. In other words you have total control over your inventory. To make things easier, you also have the Inventory Search for quick browsing through the items in your Inventory.