Successfully Manage Your Employees

Each employee will first be greeted by the login screen. This proves to be really helpful when trying to successfully manage your employees or track their sales. Also you can efficiently manage Employee Commission/Hourly Pay and the Employee Time Clock. The time clock is integrated to payroll, but you can also manage the Time Clock Database table. Having a complete overview of your employees, makes it easier to manage your business properly and drive it forward.

Appointments & Scheduling

With Restaurant Maid you can manage your appointments and schedule upcoming events, as well as restaurant reservations. With our graphical (Gant-Chart Type) appointment and scheduling book, you can make sure you don't miss an appointment or anything of interest to you or your business. For reservations, double booking and Multi booking is also available. With Restaurant Maid you can rest assured that your appointments and reservations will not be overlooked as it sometimes happens when running a hectic business.

Employee Reports

To complete the overall employee management and overview, in Restaurant Maid we have added the options of Check Stub/Payroll report printing. Also should you wish to see how your employees have been doing, you can easily do so by looking at the Financial Reports by Employee. 

General Point Of Sale

A Complete Point of Sale Solution

Sales, Orders, Reports, Receipts and Invoices are just the beginning. Restaurant Maid’s vast range of available options  make your life easier, no matter what type of restaurant you own. You can easily manage the Discounts you offer to you customers, either by a fixed amount or a percentage. Restaurant Maid also provides a comprehensive Refunds and Returns feature, for those that may require this capability. Also to make things even easier, you can use 4 ways to sell: by Barcode Scanning, by Keyboard, using the Quick Menu Buttons or the Touch-Screen Keyboard. On top of that we have made sure that the Point of Sale screen is user friendly and easy to navigate.

Payment Processing and Additional Options

In addition to the restaurant type POS features, Restaurant maid provides you with the basic Point of Sale features and processing options for your business. If you want to drive your business forward, turning down customers because of their form of payment is not an option. With our restaurant POS software you can easily process credit cards, debit cards and checks, as well as issue and process gift cards. Our Restaurant Software also integrates with: X-Charge and MerchantWare - The world famous Point of Sale Credit Card processing solutions. Using Restaurant Maid and it's payment processing options is the secure way to drive your business forward.

Customize Your Restaurant Maid

You can easily customize your Restaurant maid according to your needs and preferences. You can also add "quick menu buttons" and "sub menu buttons", which gives you the opportunity to make sales on the fly. Also the option to put your company logo on receipts/invoices and on the main screen, helps raising your brand’s awareness.

Printouts and Scanning

With Restaurant Maid you can easily scan barcodes or print slip receipts and letter size invoices that you can add your logo to, like we mentioned earlier. Also, for every item in your store, you can print labels containing a barcode, description and price. Our software supports hundreds of different label standards.


Restaurant Maid makes it really easy to set up flexible taxes on each item or service that you offer, as well as providing you with multiple sales taxes. Our software also supports multiple sales tax systems such as USA, VAT, PST, GST and many more. In a case where you have to work with multiple currencies, you will be happy to know that Restaurant Maid supports all of the world currencies. If the currency is not already made available, you can easily add it yourself with our "Add Currency" tool. Our software also supports U.S. and international date, address and telephone formats.