The number one software for Furniture carpet and tile stores. 


Genesis is the leading Windows based software system

for furniture retailers.

Over 1700 furniture stores across North America and Europe have installed Genesis

since its introduction in 1996 making it the best selling Windows furniture system of all time.


  • User Friendly- Genesis Advantage is clearly the easiest to use furniture system you can buy today. 

  • But don't take our word for it! Take time to compare Genesis Advantage with any other furniture software

  • system available today. Look closely at how each task is completed. Are the steps intuitive? Are the screens

  • clear and understandable? You will agree that only Genesis Advantage provides state of the art power in a

  • truly easy-to-use package.

  • Rock Solid- Genesis has been through 14 years of real world testing at more than 700 furniture stores

  •  across North America and Europe. No other Windows based furniture system has been so thoroughly tested.

  • User Driven- Your opinion counts! Genesis is constantly updated based upon
  • comments and suggestions from our users. The result? A software system with the
  • features you need to improve profits and productivity!
  • Expandable- Genesis is expandable! No more limits on power, features, or capacity! Genesis is
  • ready to expand with your growing business!

  • Flexible- Genesis Advantage is flexible enough to satisfy the needs of every type of furniture retailer.
  •  From custom orders to stock sales, we have you covered. 
  • Integrated- Genesis Advantage is tightly integrated so that you only handle each piece of paper once.
  •  All of the information from a single entry is automatically distributed to the proper areas for maximum
  • productivity.
 More Genesis Advantage Highlights

Powerful Reporting with Active Reports

Genesis is the only software program for the furniture industry using

 the powerful Active Report Technology. The result? You have instant

 access to your information when you want it and the way you want it.

 Click here to check it out!


The Manager's Dashboard

All of the important information you need to make effective decisions

 for your business is gathered on a single password protected

screen. Check it out!




Extensive Drill-Down Windows

One of the ways Genesis maintains its extraordinary ease-of-use is

 by using drill-down techniques. Just click on a number on your

screen and Genesis will show you the details. For example, click on

a sold quantity and Genesis will pop-up a list of who bought the item

 and when the items were sold. Click on a customer name in the

list and see a copy of the original sales invoice! It's fast and intuitive!

Help Where and When You Need It

Genesis Advantage uses the award winning Microsoft Help system

to provide you with helpful information on your screen where, and

when, you need it. No more fumbling through confusing manuals,

 or wasting your valuable time on hold. The answers to your

questions are just a click of the mouse button away!

Prefer to talk to a human being? Genesis is supported by a friendly

 and professional support staff. Our technicians are thoroughly

 trained in all aspects of Genesis and are familiar with the retail

furniture industry. They understand your needs and look forward to

serving you.


Genesis is A Proven Solution

Genesis was designed and implemented in a top 100 furniture

chain where office overhead was slashed more than 16% in the

 first year. All aspects of the already successful business saw

 improvement in efficiency and productivity and the company went

on to post record profits. Genesis can do the same for you! Click

on the "Executive Facts" emblem for details!