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 BigHoller gives you better pricing
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 BigHoller offers the best customer interface that is flexible and branded just for you
 BigHoller is compatible with most major POS systems
 BigHoller is multilingual and multinational capable
 BigHoller is easy to implement, maintain and is completely customizable
 BigHoller enables you to stage menus, alternate prices between lunch & dinner, etc
 BigHoller gives you complete reporting on orders, customer habits, you name it
 BigHoller gives you professional looking menus
 BigHoller gives you upselling capability
 BigHoller gives you easy to read orders both for customer and restaurant
 BigHoller is mobile compatible
 BigHoller can integrate into your existing web site
 BigHoller supports a variety of discounting, couponing, and special offers
 BigHoller can be integrated with a variety of programs such as Groupon
 BigHoller can be integrated into almost any email marketing program or service
 BigHoller handles delivery zones in a variety of ways
 BigHoller allows you to provide Facebook ordering