Printer Options

If you want the orders to go to a printer, you have two options.

Option 1 - IP Printing

Certain printers are Internet enabled and BigHoller can send an order directly to some of these types of Printers. With IP Printing, you do not need a computer. Your printer is connected directly with your router.

BigHoller is Epson compatible. There are a few Epson models available, but BigHoller suggests the Epson TM-T88V. Some restaurants use Epson knock offs and they seem to work fine. Whichever model you choose, please make sure that it has either an Ethernet interface (One you can plug into your router) or a Wireless interface.

Pricing: Shop around. Prices vary. We can provide you with a quote. Oltech Office Logics ltd can also rent you a printer for €29 a month.

Option 2 - Computer to Printer

With this option, you need a computer and a printer connected to it. You need to purchase a software program that runs on the computer. The software program costs €120.

The printer can be any type of printer that prints normal paper size just like printing a document.