Restaurant Point of Sale

In addition to the general Point of Sale features, Restaurant Maid is equipped with additional restaurant based features that will help you run your business smoothly.

General Point Of Sale

Complete Point of Sale solution that is flexible enough for you and your business. Sales, orders, customization, flexible taxes, payment processing and much more…


Complete overview of your business, thanks to various reports. Restaurant Maid provides you with reports based on product/service, customer, class/department or employee.

Inventory Management

With Restaurant Maid you can easily manage your Inventory. There are 2 ways to fill your items in inventory, and track their quantities, even in decimals if needed.Learn more about Inventory Management and it's features here.

Employee Management

Manage employee commission and hourly pay, print check stubs or payroll reports .Setup custom security, access details for each employee and track their sales.Employee management & tracking, learn more

Customer Management

Know what your customers prefer. Restaurant Maid keeps customer records that you can easily navigate through. You can also create Customer Accounts – commonly known as “Customer Tabs”.Customer management just got easier, learn more


Manage your bank deposits, bank transfers and control multiple bank accounts. Comprehensive financial accounting is important to successfully run your business.Overview & control over your accounting, find out more

POS Hardware Compatibility

Restaurant Maid supports POS systems, home desktops or notebook PC’s. It can be used in a network, on more computers or on a single PC. It is all up to you.

Restaurant Pos Software

Restaurant Maid version 2.3431

RESTAURANT MAID is a Restaurant Software, highly recommended for general type Restaurant and/or a Bar, Sandwich Shop, Pizzeria, Steak House, Café Shop, Deli, Buffet, Catering business, Doughnut or Pastry Shop, Hotel restaurant/kitchen and more.

Our Restaurant Software, as a bonus (free of charge), integrates with MerchantWare, X-CHARGE, ChargeItPro, Mercury and for an additional fee, it also integrates with PCCharge 5.10 or higher – in order to meet all of your Point of Sale Credit Card processing needs.

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