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Your customers' lifestyles are continually evolving. And nothing has created greater change in their lives than the ability to connect with other people - through the Internet.

Now that connectivity has changed the way your customers interact with you - and, more importantly, you with them. The facts are staggering:

  • Most everybody has internet access - with consumers ages 18-67 spending more time on the internet than watching TV.
  • Restaurant takeout business has increased over 75%.
  • 88% of restaurant customers use takeout at least once a month.
Now is the time for you to evolve your restaurant's business building plan to both your existing customers and new customers. It's the only recipe proven to grow your takeout sales - BigHoller.
The National Restaurant Association recently reported that - "takeout and delivery will capture a greater proportion of total industry sales as restaurants fulfill consumers' ever-increasing need for convenience."