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3: Online Credit Card Processing.

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BigHoller is not afraid to show pricing since BigHoller is the leader in the industry. Nobody offers better pricing and customer service. You can switch between price plans at anytime. Plans 1 through 5 are only valid for when orders are sent to a printer, fax or email. Plans 1 through 5 are not valid for Point of Sale Integrations.

Price Plan 1 - PAY NOTHING PLAN (not available in Ireland just yet)

No setup fee. No monthly or annual fees. No transaction fees.

Just switch to one of our preferred credit card vendors for your in store payments. You need to take credit cards today anyway. Just use one of our preferred credit card vendors instead. They offer competitive pricing and will probably charge you less than what you are paying today. There might be a reason that you cannot switch. If that is the case, you cannot qualify for this price plan.

Price Plan 2 - RISK FREE PLAN

Just pay the setup fee of $99.(approx.€86.00 For one year, BigHoller will not charge any other fees as long as each month, you are processing less than $500 of orders.

The first month you start processing more than €500 in orders or after 12 months, you will automatically be moved to Price Plan 3.

Price Plan 3 - 30:30 PLAN

Setup Fee €86.00.
Monthly Fee €28.00.
Transaction Fee: 26 cents.

Price Plan 4 - 5% PLAN

Setup Fee €86.00.
Transaction Fee: 5% of net sales.

Price Plan 5 - FLAT RATE PLAN

Setup Fee €86.00.       
      €55.00 a month or €550.00 a year(savings over the monthly rate)


Do you want online ordering and do you also need a Point of Sale (POS) solution? BigHoller's preferred Point of Sale partner is Point of Success.
BigHoller Setup Fee: €150.
BigHoller Flat Rate Fee: €70 a month or €700 a year(€140 savings over the monthly rate)
Point of Success Online Ordering Module Fee: €199
Click Here For More Information on Point of Success..

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